Al Mohler: Can Christian Organizations Remain Christian in a “Tolerant” Age?

From, comes serious questions that should be asked in light of the upcoming SCOTUS case, CLS v. Martinez.  The most poignant question is that posed by the title of his piece and this blog entry, but the rest are worthy of consideration and contemplation.  Here’s the critical section of Dr. Mohler’s latest:

The case pitting the Hastings College of Law against the Christian Legal Society presents the nation — and its highest court — with an inescapable question: Are Christian organizations to be allowed to remain Christian, or must they all morph into secularized associations?

Must the Christian Legal Society surrender its biblical convictions in order to remain a recognized campus organization? Does religious liberty now stop at the law school door?

Obviously, much is riding on this case. The same logic used against the Christian Legal Society in this case can be used to argue that any Christian organization, school, or institution no longer serves the community’s welfare if it holds such policies. How long before similar arguments are made against churches and Christian schools?

Can Christian organizations remain Christian in an age of ideological “tolerance?” All eyes will soon be on the U. S. Supreme Court as the Christian Legal Society’s appeal is heard. Far more than one CLS chapter in one law school is at stake here.


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