The Engaging Essentials

Prop. 8 Decision Today – The judge who presided over whether Proposition 8 was a constitutional effort to define marriage as one man and one woman will release his opinion later this afternoon.  Marriage advocates (and democracy itself) holds their breath.

Disenfranchising – Randy Thomas highlights the newest tactics being used by the progressive, liberal movement in and outside of academia to intimidate those counselors who profess a Biblical worldview.

Erasing the Gettysburg Address – Travis Barham of the Alliance Defense Fund highlights efforts to footnote the constitution and censor “under God” from reprints of the Gettysburg Address.

Abortion Funding Leaks in Obamacare – Congressman Doug Lamborn of Colorado writes at The Foundry of the various holes within recent health insurance reform that allows the government to increase funding for abortion on demand.

Basil for Governor? – File this under (1) what not to wear on national tv, (2) the case for basic media training, (3) what gives democracy a black eye, and (4) how not to make a campaign video.

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Jeremy Dys is the FPCWV's President and General Counsel. In addition to his duties of providing strategic vision and leadership to the FPCWV, Dys is the chief lobbyist and spokesman. Dys is regularly featured in local, state, and national print, radio, and television outlets. He lives close to Charleston with his wife and growing family.

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