The Engaging Essentials

Prop 8 Ruling Round Up – Chuck Donovan at the Heritage Foundation rounds up lots of quotes reacting to last week’s decision out of San Francisco that overturned the vote of 7 million Californians.  And, these aren’t the ‘usual suspects.’  Donovan has captured quotes from everyone from law professors to same-sex ‘marriage’ advocates – all questioning Judge Walker’s decision.

She’s Growing a Fetus – An interesting ‘dialog’ between pro-choice women.

Inside Higher Ed . . . Those Crazy Christians – David French reviews a debate between university professors debating whether there is a need to examine academic discrimination against Christian scholarship.

Candid Prop 8 Report – Following the (temporary) redefinition of marriage in California, same-sex ‘marriage’ activists released a report on the results of Prop 8.  It may surprise you what they admit report.

Pelosi, The Word . . . and when The Word Received the Right to Life – Classic progressive pandering and dodging:

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