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After a brief hiatus brought about by conference planning, execution, and then a week’s worth of travel, The Engaging Essentials resumes it’s intentionally sporadic update today.

Hoppy (Almost) Gets it Re: Marriage – Hoppy Kercheval’s Commentary today examines the importance of marriage and the relationship between broken marriages and poverty.  Hoppy says, “Stable, two-parent households provide the best environment for children as well as social cohesion. And now it also appears that marriage is good for the economy.”  Right, but there is no evidence that just any “two-parent household” will do.  Mom’s and Dad’s matter a great deal.  More on that later.

Fight Poverty by Strengthening Marriage – Hoppy was referencing a fantastic study released last week by Robert Rector of the Heritage Foundation.  If you read the entire presentation, he claims that strengthening marriages in WV can drop child poverty by 77%.  Read that again, simply encouraging husbands to stay faithful to their wives and committed to their children will reduce the rate of children living in poverty by 77%.

Marriage in a Post-Proposition 8 Culture – Al Mohler, Dr. Russell Moore, Pastor Eric Bancroft, and Dr. Barrett Duke sit down to talk about marriage after Judge Walker.

And, just a little something to make you thankful for your desk job . . .

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