The Engaging Essentials

Look like this Engaging Essentials edition will be all about the issue of life.  Just happens to be what I’m reading these days.

Feminism and the Dilemma of ‘Reproductive Justice’ – Al Mohler looks at a most critical problem for the feminist movement, namely that, in some countries, they are aborting the next generation at such a rate there will be no feminists to press for equality in the future.  Here’s the critical quote:

Their feminist ideology does not even allow them to acknowledge that sex-selection abortions are perfectly legal in the United States, and that feminists have insisted that any woman has a right to an abortion at any time for any reason or for no stated reason at all. The pro-abortion ideology is so extreme that any opposition to the targeting of girls by sex-selection abortion is undermined by the movement’s enthusiasm for unfettered abortion rights.

via – Moral Collapse at Ms. Magazine — Sex-Selection Abortion as a ‘Problem’.

$300,000,000 + Planned Parenthood = 134:1 – Need me to interpret? Planned Parenthood gets $300+ million of your tax dollars every year for “family planning services.”  They use that to subsidize their moneymaker: abortion services.  But, they say that part of their “family planning” is to refer to adoptions.  Well, stats tell us that for every 134 abortions that Planned Parenthood committed, they referred only 1 adoption.  For those keeping at score, that 324,008 abortions and 2,405 adoptions.  In other words, the unborn that enter the Planned Parenthood league have a .007 “batting average” of living.

Obama Admin to Stop Keeping Abortion Stats – Looks like your score sheet is going to be useless before long.  The CDC is slowing, if not stopping, their practice of tracking abortions in the U.S.

Abortion Up, Except Where Pro-Lifers Are – Though, nationwide, the abortion numbers are up, in those areas where the pro-life movement is the most active, the numbers are in decline.  Be motivated.

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