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India Increasing Abortion of Girls – Weep with me.  Despite some legislative attempts to solve “gender selection” abortions in India, Indian parents are opting to destroy innocent, female lives in favor of having boys.  God, have mercy!

Catholic Diocese of the Military – The Catholic Archbishop of the Diocese of the U.S. Military reiterates the church’s commitment to (1) defending marriage as between one man and one woman, (2) loving those struggling with same-sex attraction, and (3) warning of the threat to religious liberty that repealing DADT may bring.  In related news, yesterday ADF helped send a letter on a similar topic to the joint chiefs.

Unintended Consequences – First Things highlights the unintended consequences behind the Texas sonogram law.  They ask the ethical question, “Do the exceptions to this law setup the macabre opportunity to abort babies who might have a genetic abnormality?”  As a father of a son mis-diagnosed in the womb, I shutter at the thought.

China and Religious Freedom – Robert Schwarzwalder at FRC gives some very interesting perspective to the growing concerns of religious freedom – and what we can learn about the role of government in this regard – in China.

No More Adoptions – At least not for another Catholic agency who continues to hold to the ‘backward’ view of most Orthodox religions that same-sex relationships are morally wrong.  Tom Messner at the Heritage Foundation explains the threat this international story poses to domestic policy.

Born This Way – Al Mohler highlights a story out of Canada where parents have withheld the gender of their baby from public notice, wishing not to influence his/her sexual orientation.  Mohler makes a most incredible point we often overlook in this discussion:

The major issue at stake in this controversy is the objective reality of sex and gender. We are, in fact, what our genitals tell us we are. This is not because we are genitally determined, but because we were created by a holy God, whose plans and purposes for us are, inescapably, tied to our gender.

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