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NY Considers Redefining the Family – In a rather stunning admission, a NY lawmaker has said that redefining marriage will also mean redefining the family. And, further, to him this is a good thing.

Can Gov’t Get Out of the ‘Marriage Business?’ – on Monday, Ron Paul suggested that, to solve the debate about the redefinition of marriage, government should get out of the marriage business and let the church handle it. While this is a popular thought amongst libertarians, and has a certain appeal even for conservative Christians, it’s impossible. Steven Taylor clearly explains why.

Three Sermons on the Tragedy of Abortion – John Piper has long spoken boldly for the pre born. Here are 3 of his sermons on the topic. Learn from him, especially if you fill the pulpit. For an added bonus, below is a moving video of his boldest stand for the unborn:

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