The Engaging Essentials – 10/20

The New Singleness – Maggie Gallagher examines a peculiar aspect of our modern era: the celebration of singleness. “The truth is celebrating singleness—i.e., celebrating “not doing something”—makes no sense. Loving is better than not loving. Choosing to love and commit to a husband or a child is a much higher ideal than choosing not to; that’s why it needs to be celebrated and idealized.”

An Opportunity for Cain – The author is sorta right here.  If Cain wanted to vault himself into a permanent position among social conservatives (a demographic he both needs and seems to be losing), then he should support constitutionalizing DOMA.  The irony is that doing that is the same as passing a marriage amendment – the thing Cain has said he’s against.  Weird.

Glenn Stanton on, “The Human Case Against Same-Ses Marriage” – Exactly what it sounds like.  One of Focus on the Family’s good thinkers on the topic of marriage shares a speech he gave recently.  Worthwhile reading.  (Link opens a PDF)

‘Pieces of Children’ – Hauntingly disturbing words from a former Planned Parenthood worker:


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