Will Obamacare Penalize People for Being Married?

by Nathan A. Cherry, 11/07/2011

Repeal ObamacareMartinsburg, WV – Is it possible that our own government is seeking to discourage marriage by any means necessary? While all-out assaults on marriage take place from the front could behind the scenes attacks be taking place in areas no one is looking? Before you start to think I’m a conspiracy theorist or some sort of nut take a look at a recent report from Fox News on penalties within Obamacare for married couples.

“A new wrinkle has surfaced in the implementation of the federal health care law that critics argue will impose a significant penalty on women and marriage…The law includes generous subsidies for the uninsured so they can afford to buy coverage in the new insurance exchanges that are part of the legislation…But several analysts told Congress Thursday the nature of the subsidies has an odd effect…Critics say that beginning in 2014, Americans will find it more advantageous to stay single than marry because it will be easier to afford health coverage.”

How this works out practically is explained by Diana Furchtgott-Roth, a researcher at the Manhattan Institute for Policy Research:

“The way this bill is structured, there are disincentives for women to marry and disincentives for women to work…And for a bill that’s supposed to make Americans healthier, these disincentives are truly startling…Two singles would each be able to earn $43,000 and still receive help to purchase health insurance, but if they got married and combined their earnings to $86,000, they would be far above the limit.”

In other words, millions of American families will be above the accepted limit for coverage and essentially be on their own for insurance coverage under the new regulations.

You may be wondering why I’m writing about this, as it is not something we might typically report here at the Family Policy Council of West Virginia. Let me explain.

In a time when marriage and the family is under attack from all sides by those that would seek to redefine it, change it, abolish it, or just outright destroy it; what we need is people (and policies) that will stand for marriage and the family and look to strengthen both.

Numerous studies have been done showing healthy marriages between a man and woman create healthy families; and healthy families are a benefit to children and society in general. You can click here and here for just two examples of such studies. So, for me, common sense and logic suggest that it would be best to strengthen marriage and the family in order to create a stronger, healthier society.

But when I look at the social/political landscape of America at this time I see an increasing effort to destroy both marriage and the family and I have to ask, why? What purpose would be served by destroying one of the foundational cornerstones to our American society? And when the attacks on Christianity and religion are dovetailed with the attacks on marriage and the family a scary picture emerges of a socialistic society resembling something from another country.

We have a president that does a lot of talking about family, and the responsibility of parents, and the need for men to be fathers. But then he turns around and advocates for policies that undermine parental rights, attacks marriage, and encourages people to remain single. Something doesn’t add up. Many within our government seem to be complicit in a scheme to destroy the foundation of our society by destroying marriage and the family that God intended.

I have never claimed to be the smartest person in the world, but one thing I do know is that “actions speak louder than words,” and “you gotta walk the walk.”

So, Mr. President, if you want to see men be father and single parent homes decrease, it would be advisable for you to advocate for policies that ensure these goals; not policies (such as Obamacare) that penalize marriage and further attack the family.

About Nathan Cherry

Nathan Cherry is the chief editor and blogger for the Engage Family Minute blog, the official blog of the FPCWV. He serves also as the Regional Development Coordinator as a liaison to the pastor's of West Virginia. He is a pro-life, pro-traditional marriage, pro-religious freedom conservative. He is also a husband, father, pastor, author, musician, and follower of Jesus Christ.

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