BREAKING: Komen Reverses Decision . . . or Did They?

If you’ve been on Facebook for 2 minutes this afternoon, you have probably read that Susan G. Komen Foundation has reversed course and is now re-funding Planned Parenthood again.  That’s true . . . but only sorta.

What Komen did was pretty masterful, really.  But, let’s start at the beginning.

Susan G. Komen (SGK) helps women – like my mom – survive breast cancer.  They’re good at that and deserve to be commended for their commitment to that effort.  They got into hot water when it was discovered that they were donating rather large sums of money to Planned Parenthood under the conduit of grants for mammograms.  That’s only a problem because there is not a single Planned Parenthood that owns mammography equipment.

Evidently, this became such a problem to SGK that it’s CEO couldn’t go anywhere without having to address, “the Planned Parenthood thing.”  That says a lot about the influence of the pro-life community and you ought to be proud of that little fact.  Something had to be done.

So, the board did something about it.  They amended their grant-making policies.  The resulting change shorted Planned Parenthood for good reasons (which I’ll explain in a minute), but focused their efforts on promoting breast health and cancer research.  Earlier this week, the news hit that SGK was pulling Planned Parenthood’s funding.  That setoff a firestorm resulting in a new statement this afternoon trying to do some PR damage control.

But, be a very, very careful reader here.  Here’s SGK’s statement.

Look, Planned Parenthood is no dummy.  They see the handwriting on the wall and they know that their cashflow is shrinking from every side: client services (better known as cash-paying abortion clients), government (state and federal), and charitable foundations (like SGK).  The reason is clear: abortion is a losing issue in the long run.  All morally bankrupt actions are.

So, Planned Parenthood made a PR calculation and got out in front of the issue.  As Jill Stanek pointed out, this is their modus operandi.  Planned Parenthood leaked that they were being investigated by the Feds, Live Action was going undercover around the country, and, most recently, that SGK was – in their framing of the debate – pulling their funding.

But, that’s not actually what happened.

SGK didn’t pull any funding.  They implemented new policies establishing new criteria that grantees must meet in order to qualify for a grant.  Among those, for our consideration were: (1) your organization must not be under investigation by state or federal government and (2) the grant must be directly used for breast health issues (read=mammograms).

Here’s the problem for PP (and some of the genius of SGK’s move): Planned Parenthood is under multiple investigations by state and federal governments AND they don’t own mammography equipment.

So, did SGK cut off funding?  Sorta.  There will be several new grants that will not go to Planned Parenthood this year.  But, the ones already funded through 2012 (or portions thereof) will continue.  That’s a company honoring their word (a word that they shouldn’t have given in the first place, but honoring it now nonetheless).

In the end, I think SGK kinda, sorta caved, but not as badly as they could have.  This still puts the onus on Planned Parenthood to survive those investigations without suffering criminal penalties – something that likely will not happen.  In essence, SGK has let the string out, we will see if Planned Parenthood hangs themselves.

What we need to learn from this is:

  • Planned Parenthood cares first and foremost about its own survival.  They care more about monies than about mommies.
  • Never trust Planned Parenthood or anyone else who is wiling to destroy innocent human life.
  • Never invest in Planned Parenthood and, if you do, don’t cross them because, having proven their disdain for moral restraint, they will stop at nothing to feed their greed.
  • Be careful if you support SGK.  I’ve talked with SGK’s local representative and am assured they provide no grants (for now) to Planned Parenthood.  That’s good, but because I have concerns about how they may in the future or even their national affiliates have question marks in my mind, I choose to invest our charitable dollars elsewhere.  (I don’t even run their annual 5k – and I’m an avid runner.)
  • Support your local pregnancy care center.  With Planned Prenthood getting $300+ million every year from the Feds and millions more of their billion dollar budget from celebrities, these men and women who help end the crisis, not the pregnancy, are woefully underfunded.
  • Keep the pressure on the abortion industry. This is a dying industry and, as it goes down to its demise, it will become more dangerous.  Still, it is gasping for breath.  Babies are being saved.  Abortionists are being put out of business.  Abolition of the abortion industry is not terribly far off.  Keep up the good fight.


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