Planned Parenthood Engages in “40 Days of Prayer” for Abortion!?

by Nathan A. Cherry, 04/25/2012

Flier for 40 days of prayer for abortionPlanned Parenthood has been repeatedly accused and found guilty (even if only in public opinion) of perpetrating some low-down and absolutely reprehensible things. Their reputation as the nation’s largest abortion merchant and for covering up illegal activity (like sex-trafficking, parental consent laws etc.) is well documented; not to mention their recent bullying of the Susan G. Komen foundation after Komen initially decided to defund Planned Parenthood. This criminal organization is no stranger to dirty tricks and tactics to get what they want. But their most recent endeavor is so profane it makes me sick.

We are all familiar with the “40 Days for Life” campaign that seeks to rescue soon-to-be-aborted babies through intercessory prayer and sidewalk counseling. Every year thousands of innocent lives are saved through this campaign. And now Planned Parenthood has decided to copycat the campaign for its own purposes; namely, killing children.

According to several news sources, including this one from and this one from, a California affiliate of Planned Parenthood is teaming up with pro-abortion clergy and other pro-abortion groups to carry out the campaign.

Some of the prayers found in fliers and brochures associated with the campaign say:

Day1: Today we pray for women for whom pregnancy is not good news, that they know they have choices.

Day 2: Today we pray for compassionate religious voices to speak out for the dignity and autonomy of women.

Day 31: Today we pray for all discrimination against women to cease.

Day 32: Today we pray for an end to the stigma perpetrated against women who have abortions.

It’s interesting to note that there is plenty of prayers offered for the mothers, doctors, medical students and others; yet not one prayer if offered for the innocent children murdered as a result of abortion. I guess, to Planned Parenthood and these “pro-abortion clergy” these children are not worthy of their prayers. Maybe they should take a look at what the Bible says in Matthew 18:6 then reconsider their position.

Liberty Council offered some strong words to convey their feelings about the campaign:

“The concerted effort of this group to dehumanize children based on their age is similar to a tactic once used in Nazi Germany towards the Jews and other non-Arians: first ostracize them from the rest of society, and then annihilate them. Planned Parenthood’s attempts to develop a ‘spiritual’ aspect to the pro-abortion argument can seem comparable to the religious leaders in Germany who supported Adolf Hitler and the Nazis. It was wrong then and it is wrong now.”

It’s mind numbing to even consider the idea that people, anyone, would hold a “prayer campaign” to support the wholesale murder of innocent children. In the middle of a hotbed political landscape that wants to tout the rights of “the little guy,” the “99%” and other groups not receiving fair representation, I can think of no other group that more earnestly needs to be touted than the unborn that are given no voice and have no ability to defend themselves against anyone else.

It only takes a minute to see where the idea that all human life is not sacred and worthy of protection is taking us. We have “ethicists” advocating for “after-birth” abortion, medical professionals seeking to eliminate euthanasia laws, and more. Where does it end? When do we finally say that life is precious, sacred, and worth defending from conception to natural death?

Hopefully sooner rather than later, otherwise we might be the one on the receiving end with no voice.

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