Anti-Discrimination Ordinance or License for Mayhem and Chaos? You Decide.

By Tom Stark, 05/02/2012

flag of KansasThe State of Kansas, the state that brought us pro-abortion governor Sebelius – currently the head of the agency that brought us forced contraception mandates and the like – is about to usher in another insanity for the rest of the country to marvel at.  Yes, four cities in the state are about to consider local legislation that will not only allow “gender identity” to join the ranks of the “protected classes.”  Protected, it would appear, from the distressful and disturbing requirement that they use the rest room assigned to their biological sex rather than the one they aspire to in their hearts.

According to Karla Dial, writing for Citizen Link, four cities – Hutchinson, Pittsburg, Salina and Wichita – two of which will vote soon to add this group to the protected ones.  She relates that the implications are significant on a number of fronts, including:

  • “[It would allow] people to use public showers, restrooms and dressing rooms set aside for the opposite sex.”
  • “any church allowing its facilities to be used for public events would be required to let gay or transgendered people “who want to rent the building for a party” do the same,”  (from FAQs on the Hutchinson Human Relations Council website) and,
  • “[Businesses] would not be allowed to make any employment decisions based on a person’s “sexual orientation” or “gender expression,” including enforcing dress codes.”

Can you imagine the kind of disruption a Christian bookstore owner would experience if forced to abide by such rules?

To which list, I will add the threat to the well-being of those using such facilities.  Given the fact that the only proof that the individual dressed and acting like a woman but is truly a man actually believes “he” is a woman is “his” word.  What stops a perverted individual from using these ordinances to prey on unsuspecting women and children they encounter in a restroom?

Consider also the impact on the continuing effort to undermine the ability of Christians to maintain their churches, maintain their businesses, and maintain their lives in a manner that is free from exposure to the immoral behavior embodied in allowing homosexual, and transvestites to achieve a level of protection that is greater than any other ordinary citizen has a right to expect.

As Christians, we are often encouraged with the words, “Love the sinner, and hate the sin.”  There is validity to this argument and we should work hard to engender that in our children while teaching them what God says about the way we should live our lives without fear of penalty based on “anti-discrimination” laws of this kind.  We should also encourage them to understand the difference between moral and righteous behavior versus immoral and unacceptable behavior.

Other similar battles are taking place in different parts of the country.  Here is an article on an Alaskan city facing similar challenges to logic and sanity with a far-reaching referendum set to be voted on in May.  At least there, people are getting the chance to vote on the issue.  has posted a descriptive document highlighting many of the unintended consequences of so-called “anti-discrimination” ordinances.

It seems like the last couple years have been overwhelming in the instances of different groups – government, private, and otherwise – initiating attacks on the beliefs, practices, and rights of Christians in this country.  It is hard to believe it is happening, but having been involved in many of these issues over the past several years, I can attest to the fact that the momentum is increasing and the attacks are becoming more vicious with time.

The only remaining tools Christians have to defend against these efforts to destroy Christ’s Church are prayer and votes.  Christians still outnumber the “humanists” by a wide margin, but we must get out of our chairs, on our feet, and make our friends and neighbors aware of what is happening and what is at stake.  If you do nothing else, just forward the link to this article to a couple dozen friends, likely resulting in their doing the same.  In this manner, literally hundreds of people can be informed through a single person’s efforts multiplied many times over.

Once you are comfortable with that effort, perhaps you can better deal with the idea of making a phone call to someone who doesn’t have email, inviting a group of friends from church to discuss what can be done locally, or any number of ways you can help.   The ability to protect our First Amendment rights and our Constitution as a whole are within our reach if we are simply willing to make an effort.  It starts with one try…then another…and another.  Do more than think about it.  Do it!

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Nathan Cherry is the chief editor and blogger for the Engage Family Minute blog, the official blog of the FPCWV. He serves also as the Regional Development Coordinator as a liaison to the pastor's of West Virginia. He is a pro-life, pro-traditional marriage, pro-religious freedom conservative. He is also a husband, father, pastor, author, musician, and follower of Jesus Christ.

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