Video: Abortion Group Stunned by Pro Life Trend

by Nathan A. Cherry, 05/18/2012

Nancy Keenan

NARAL president Nancy Keenan is stepping down.

There’s a war on the family taking place in America. It seeks to destroy any semblance of what the traditional family was and redefine every aspect of “family” into something it was never meant to be. Liberal lawmakers and social leaders are waging this war in an effort to execute a radical agenda that will ultimately violate the religious liberties and other freedoms we’ve enjoyed for so many years. And, unless you pay attention you might be unaware of the tools being used to wage this war.

A recent article I came across spells out in detail at least 10 of the tools being used to attack the traditional family and its values.

While most of these should come as no surprise, some might not be suspected by most people. But when we stop to really consider the implications on society, it is easy to see how “No Fault Divorce,” “Child Custody Laws,” and “Welfare” are able weapons in the liberal left’s arsenal. We here at the FPCWV see the need to address “No Fault Divorce” through divorce reform which is why we helped author and pass the Premarital Education Act through the state legislature this year. The bill was signed by Governor Tomblin at our National Day of Prayer Gubernatorial Breakfast just on May 3rd.

You certainly would not be wasting your time to take a few moments and read the well written, practical article found at World Net It’s always good to be prepared and to know your enemy when fighting a war.

One of the biggest weapons being leveled against the family is abortion. From academic studies to surveys and polls, we have seen where abortion has served to cause ongoing emotional, mental and physical problems for women; which translates to their families. Secret abortions have torn family’s apart and made sex-trafficking and prostitution easier.

The good news is that the tide is turning decisively in the direction of life! Despite what Planned Parenthood and other groups might tell us and want us to believe, life is becoming a major force in the American socio-political landscape. So much so that even pro-abortion groups like NARAL are starting to admit that the tide is turning.

In fact, NARAL’s leader Nancy Keenan has decided to step down due to concerns that abortion lacks support among younger voters. The results of a recent poll by NARAL shows:

“…that 51 percent of pro-life voters age 30 or younger feel abortion is a very important issue for them at the polls. Only 26 percent of pro-choice voters feel so intensely.”

In other words, twice the amount of pro-life voters feels strongly about the issue as pro-abortion voters. This could be attributed to any number of variables, but I have a feeling it’s simply that more people are recognizing that abortion is the killing of an innocent child. Evidence of this was seen in 2010 when pro-life voters helped 15 states move their legislature’s conservative during mid-term elections.

These and other statistics are encouraging to pro-lifers as we move forward step by step toward seeing abortion made illegal in America. And though we have the most pro-abortion president in U.S. history in Obama currently giving federal money to Planned Parenthood and other abortion groups, we have hope of seeing a pro-life president take office after November if Americans continue to vote according to their moral conscience.

The video below shares more on this development and the surging trend of Americans toward life. Take a moment to watch the video and the comments made by Chuck Donovan of the Susan B. Anthony List. Then, forward this to everyone you know as a mean sof encouragement to stay strong in the fight to defend life. Especially send this to those tireless volunteers at Care Pregnancy Centers; they certainly need to know their efforts are making a huge difference.

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