GLSEN Demands Town Teach Homosexuality to Kindergarteners – Town Fights Back! (Video)

by Nathan A. Cherry, 06/28/2012

GLSEN logoI don’t think I will ever understand how the people screaming for tolerance and anti-bullying legislation can be the worst perpetrators of bullying and intolerance. It’s so hypocritical that it’s hardly believable. And yet it’s truer than most people realize. The latest example of this truth can be seen in what GLSEN is doing to a town in Illinois.

Aaron Sweeney, writing for shares the story of Eerie, Ill, a small, 1,500 person town most people have never heard of:

“We’ve never experienced anything like this—where for the last several weeks our town has been the target of a national pressure campaign launched by gay activists and liberal media. People in our town have been called insulting names by angry bloggers. They’ve gotten phone calls to their home and hate emails from people who don’t even live here…So what was our town’s big crime…Well—we just dared to say no…No, that is, to GLSEN’s (the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network) materials coming into to our pre-kindergarten through fourth grade elementary school. (Read more about that here). And our local school board had the courage to listen to the concerns of the majority of parents, voting 5-2 to reject the materials.”

I know it’s just preposterous to think that anyone would not want their Pre-K – 4th grader learning explicit information regarding sex (especially from a homosexual rights/activist group). It’s even more preposterous to think that parents want to reserve the right of teaching their kids about sex for themselves (isn’t the government supposed to do that? That’s their job, right?)

So why did the people of Eerie, Ill. take a stand and fight back against the radical, liberal, homosexual agenda of GLSEN? Aaron Sweeney answers that question with humble candor:

“Well, I guess the short answer is we’re still one of those communities left in the US of A that dares to admit we want to teach our kids good old-fashioned, love-thy-neighbor kind of character lessons and moral values—not the sexualized, politically correct version of identity-group politics for kindergartners pushed by some left-wing organization in New York…And I guess there’s a lot of folks in our town who still believe in the truth and love of what God’s Word has to say about marriage and sexuality—and they’re willing to speak up for their religious freedoms to pass those principles along to their children.”

I can almost taste the apple pie being laid on the window sill to cool. But seriously, the bully tactics employed by groups like GLSEN are no laughing matter. From one side of their mouth they demand tolerance and an end to all bullying. And from the other side of their mouth they bully and intimidate anyone that opposes their radical message or, as Aaron pointed out, dare to say no.

Obviously GLSEN doesn’t know the first thing about tolerance or what the word means. I’m not even sure sending them a dictionary would help, as it seems they have a singular goal of getting radical homosexual propaganda into every school (starting in Kindergarten) across the country. After all, if they can indoctrinate kids from age 5 then by the time they graduate high school they will have a solid voting bloc. (Home-schooling anyone?)

I have half a mind to move to Eerie, Ill. just to show my support for this principled town and its people. I hope and pray they continue to stand strong knowing that a majority of America is firmly on their side. And I hope and pray groups like GLSEN are opposed at every turn for their intolerance and bullying. (By the way, guess who a major financial backer of GLSEN is, PepsiCo! My boycott of Pepsi products continues.)

If GLSEN wants to see an end to bullying and be shown tolerance then they should start practicing what they preach.

The video below is a special report by Citizenlink on the events taking place in Eerie, Ill. If the video doesn’t appear automatically, please refresh your browser.

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