Legal Group Says Obamacare is Worse Than You Think (Video)

by Nathan A. Cherry, 06/19/2012

ObamacareAs we wait for the highly anticipated verdict from the Supreme Court of the United States on the Obamacare case it seems more than appropriate to make sure we all know what’s at stake. This is about far more than health insurance. Yes, liberals want us to believe that Obamacare will somehow “fix” the broken health care system, but they certainly don’t want you to know what that “fix” will cost.

Opponents of the law have believed from day one that it is terrible law which will only result in higher taxes, fewer options, reduced quality, and forced participation in funding abortion. While Obamacare advocates have tried to assuage fears of these outcomes, they continue to surface; making them more likely with each passing day.

A new video produced by the Alliance Defense Fund is exposing the secrets buried in the 2,700 page monstrosity that liberals hoped to keep out of the public’s view until after it was fully implemented. One part of the video says:

“Did you know you may be forced to pay an abortion premium directly from your paycheck to cover all types of elective abortions? It’s a dollar or more a month, which may not sound like much, but let’s just do some simple math. Say just half of American workers are forced to pay a dollar each month, that’s $924,000,000 all funneled into an abortion on-demand fund each year…That translates to more than two million elective abortions that you have been forced to help fund.”

Sure, we could talk about the specifics of just how bad the bill is. From raising taxes, to limiting choices, to making the government the final say in your health care (yikes!). But really this is about the trampling of rights, starting with the freedom of religion right to be pro-life by not funding abortion.

While Obama has tried to deceive the American people into believing that he would never force anyone to violate their religious beliefs and pay for abortion through any programs or government subsidies, the fact is he is doing just that. He has already snubbed his nose at Americans’ religious convictions with the HHS contraception mandate, and, if fully implemented, Obamacare will go farther by requiring every single American pay for abortion.

In another article from the scary truth of how Obama will force people to fund abortion is revealed:

“The Obama Administration’s radical healthcare mandate forces Americans to pay for health insurance coverage that funds the taking of innocent human life and other activities – even if doing so violates their sincerely held religious beliefs…Through ObamaCare, the government is attempting to coerce Americans to fund the abortion industry, and will financially punish American citizens who refuse to comply with its demands…Did you know that ObamaCare includes plans that deduct an abortion premium directly from your paycheck to fund all types of elective abortions? And fines will be directly assessed when you file your tax returns if you refuse to comply with its mandate…”

And while this should shock and anger us to think our government would force us to pay for an elective procedure that violates our moral, religious, or conscience convictions, there’s a more terrifying idea. What is more awful to consider is “what’s next?”

Where does it stop? Will we next be forced to accept and fund euthanasia? Or will be forced to fund homosexual groups and their agenda? It should deeply bother every individual that our government sees no trouble in forcing the American people to do something – as in the case of the individual mandate.

This is a country founded on freedom and liberty, not coercion and force by the government. If someone doesn’t want to carry health insurance then they should have the freedom to do so; realizing they will have to pay for medical services from their own pocket.

It’s completely inappropriate for the government to force people to violate their beliefs. It is my prayer that the Supreme Court will strike down Obamacare. This is one “fix” the American people can live without.

Watch the ADF video below. If the video doesn’t appear automatically, please refresh your browser.

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