Valuable Information When Arguing Against Same Sex Adoption

By Tom Stark, 06/16/2012

kidsQuite often, unless you can offer hard facts in the face of the never-ending onslaught of self-righteousness on the part of same-sex relationship advocates, it is difficult to succeed in changing minds.  That should change for the better with the announcement of a definitive study showing beyond doubt that children in same-sex “family” arrangements suffer greater risks than those with traditional Mom-Dad families.

While this study really doesn’t tell us anything that we do not already instinctively know to be true based on Biblical principles as well as centuries of history to support that view, it has reinforced those beliefs with cold hard facts upon which to prove the point beyond doubt.

Karla Dial of explains:

“According to data from the New Family Structures Study, led by Mark Regnerus at the University of Texas at Austin, children raised by homosexual parents are dramatically more likely than peers raised by married heterosexual parents to suffer from a host of social problems.”

The study describes some of these social problems as exhibiting poor impulse control; suffering from depression and thoughts of suicide; needing mental health therapy; identifying themselves as homosexual; choosing cohabitation; being unfaithful to partners; contracting sexually transmitted diseases; being sexually molested; having lower income levels; drinking to get drunk; and smoking tobacco and marijuana.

Quite a laundry list, right?  The study did not involve a very small group of individuals that could be challenged based on a limited universe of subject.  The study involved nearly 3,000 cases making it the second largest study group to date.

Glenn Stanton, Focus on the Family’s director of Global Family Formation Studies noted that the U.S. Census Bureau has done a study involving more subjects, but that they did not go as deep into the 40 different criteria used in the New Family Structures Study.

“All the other studies that have come out on how kids do in same-sex homes are all done by lesbian activist scholars,” Stanton noted. “They have found either there’s no difference between the two kinds of homes, or that the kids actually do better (in homosexual-led households).”

Regnerus’s study shows nothing could be further from the truth. It compares not just homosexual and heterosexual homes, but married intact biological families, divorced, single-parent and cohabiting families,” he added. “All the other studies have just lumped those together.”

In fact,Stantonwas even quoted as pointing out that

“It really is stark to see the contrast,” Stanton agreed.  According to Regnerus’s analysis, “there’s only one thing where gay homes did better: Their kids are more likely to vote.”

For a complete examination of the study go here.

Not much to be said regarding this last point except to say that perhaps we “normal” people might be falling down on the job when it comes to instilling a spirit of community activism in our offspring to a degree that might explain the levels of apathy among many allegedly conservative young people.  Without the power of our votes, the other side of this militant argument will eventually win, and they are apparently training their children to ensure their positions continue to be supported in the future.

This is, I am certain, not the end of the fight, but as I said at the beginning, it certainly gives the traditional family supporters a lot of material to examine and use in our support of preventing same-sex adoption and to prevent the mainstreaming of same-sex marriage as an acceptable institution equal to traditional marriage.

It has been and will continue to be a long battle to protect and save traditional marriage.  Not only will winning this battle protect an institution ordained by God before the history of man began being recorded, but it will also provide added protection to the most vulnerable members of society, the children.  They must be protected if the kinds of problems the study’s subjects have apparently been experiencing are to be reduced if not altogether eliminated.   You have the facts to back up your arguments.  You must develop the desire to make a difference by speaking out on this most important societal problem and encourage others to vote their values and elect God-fearing servant-minded officials who will work toward restoring the traditional values on which our country was founded.  We owe the children nothing less.  Think about it, like a child’s future depends on it…because it just might!

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