Abortion Views of Young Americans – Might Surprise You!

by Nathan A. Cherry, 07/31/2012

Abortion infographDespite living under the most pro-abortion president in U.S. history and the Obama administration’s insistence on funding Planned Parenthood with our money, the last two years have seen more pro-life advances than in recent history. And even though Obama continues to give Planned Parenthood larger sums of money, going so far as to ignore state legislatures that defund the corrupt abortion merchant by shelling out tax payer money anyway, I don’t think we are done seeing life laws strengthened, defended, and instituted.

The average person might be under the impression that a majority of Americans favor abortion and believe abortion on demand should be the standard. Nothing could be farther from the truth. While nearly every poll I’ve seen shows that a majority of Americans support life – anywhere from 55%-70% depending on the poll – a new study from Students for Life of America shows just how supportive of life the younger generations really is. The report concludes:

  • 89% favored requiring abortionists to follow the same medical and safety protocols as other surgical clinics
  • 84% favored requiring abortion facilities to warn women of seeking abortions of potential health risks
  • 76% favored allowing pregnant women to view sonograms before undergoing an abortion
  • 74% support making sex-selection abortions illegal in United States
  • 70% agreed with offering a woman the opportunity to anesthetize her child before the abortion procedure

This is encouraging. The message of life is getting through to the younger generations. That must be why Planned Parenthood has stepped up its attack on younger students as they partner with the Girl Scouts and seek comprehensive sex-education in public schools.

Abortion advocates are full of misinformation and, at times outright false claims. Planned Parenthood, one of the most egregious perpetrators of deceptive claims designed to coerce women into having an abortion has become particularly aggressive against anything that could circumvent or prevent abortion. Things like informed consent laws and ultra-sound laws are legal battles Planned Parenthood and other pro-abortion advocates willingly wage. They simply cannot afford for mothers to know about the link between abortion and suicide, the link between abortion and mental illness, and they certainly don’t want anyone seeing pictures of their unborn baby.

A Planned Parenthood clinic in South Dakota will now have to tell the truth to women about the link between abortion and suicide after a judge ruled it was necessary and valuable information for a woman considering abortion to know. LifeNews.com reported the pro-life victory:

“The Court ruled that the women will now be given additional important information before they consent to an abortion: that the abortion places a woman at increased risk of suicide ideation and suicide.”

This is not the kind of loss abortion advocates want happening, and yet more of these laws are being enacted on a scale greater than anyone anticipated. The conclusion is that Americans are not only identifying as pro-life in greater numbers, they are electing pro-life candidates in greater numbers.

Staunch pro-abortion advocates still try to deny the personhood of the unborn. Organizations like Planned Parenthood still spread misinformation to achieve their goal of performing as many abortions as possible. But fewer Americans are buying the propaganda the culture of death is selling. The evidence, the scientifically irrefutable evidence that the unborn are indeed persons is taking hold in the hearts of Americans. And we’re thankful for it.

But lest we decide now is the time to relax and bask in any small victories we have accomplished. Consider what a magazine writer recently said about the unborn:

“…the more we treat fetuses like people — including them in our family photo shoots, tagging them on our Facebook walls, giving them their own Twitter accounts — the harder it will be to deny that they are people when the next, say, personhood amendment comes up, with legislators and activists arguing that ‘the unborn child’ inside a pregnant woman’s womb should have the same rights as the living among us…No matter how many ultrasound pics get posted to Facebook, these are fetuses with female genitals or male genitals — not little girls and little boys.”

Now is not the time to relax. Now is the time to push harder to see life laws strengthened and abortions reduced. Now is the time to fight for the overturning of Roe V. Wade. We here at the Family Policy Council of West Virginia promise to do our part to fight for life, will you help?

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About Nathan Cherry

Nathan Cherry is the chief editor and blogger for the Engage Family Minute blog, the official blog of the FPCWV. He serves also as the Regional Development Coordinator as a liaison to the pastor's of West Virginia. He is a pro-life, pro-traditional marriage, pro-religious freedom conservative. He is also a husband, father, pastor, author, musician, and follower of Jesus Christ.

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