Engaging Weekend: Young Women’s Sexuality, Pro-Life VP Paul Ryan, DNC Votes to Support Gay Marriage in Party Platform

Engaging Weekend

by Nathan A. Cherry, 08/13/2012

Engaging Weekend is a collection of articles you might have missed over the weekend. But we believe they are worth reading and wanted to make sure you saw them.

Young women’s sexuality needs rescuing

There is an all-out assault against our children, particularly our daughters, by groups like Planned Parenthood and GLSEN as they seek to sexualize their victims in order to secure a customer base for the future. The sexualization of our society is well under way, and girls, in particular are being targeted. A new article asks “Have We Stopped Protecting Our Girls,” which is based on a book titled Uncovered. The FRC Blog comments on the article:  “After taking a brief look at the first couple chapters of the book Uncovered, what struck me the most was the doctors’ emphasis on what young women, particularly high school girls, said they desired for their future. A strong majority reported that a happy and healthy family was a priority, they desired several children, and they wanted to be married to only one person for the rest of their lives.  But as Mcllhaney and Bush point out, ‘The new sexual norms for young people don’t lead to the outcomes that young women consistently say they want, as measured by virtually any indicator of health and well-being.’” The things our daughters want from life are the things we want for them as parents. But the only way these goals will be achieved will be through deliberate direction and guidance from us. Click here for original article.

Pro-life leaders ‘thrilled’ with Mitt Romney’s choice of pro-life Paul Ryan as vice president

Mitt Romney made waves across the nation over the weekend with his selection of Wisconsin Representative Paul Ryan as his running mate. One of the positions Paul Ryan has been unwavering on is that of life. Ryan is a strong Pro-Life leader with a 100% pro-life voting record over his 12 years in Congress. LifeSiteNews.com commented: “Over 14 years in Washington, Ryan has earned a 100 percent pro-life voting record with the National Right to Life Committee. He voted to affirm that life begins at conception, to grant the unborn 14th Amendment status, to ban partial birth abortion, to end federal funding of Planned Parenthood, and to bar abortion coverage from federal health care plans. In 2010, he vowed, ‘I’m never going to not vote pro-life.’” The pair of Romney and Ryan will be a force to be reckoned with as the election cycle continues. Click here for original article.

Democratic Party Votes to Support Gay Marriage

Less than a month away from the national Democratic National Convention, the party has voted for the first time to support same-sex “marriage” and make it a plank in the party platform. Despite the overwhelming amount of support for traditional marriage across the nation, as evidenced by ballot initiatives, the party will now further polarize itself from the majority of Americans and endorse a policy position opposed by most. CBN.com says: “The national Democratic Party is endorsing same-sex marriage and calling for the repeal of Defense of Marriage of Act, the federal law that defines marriage as between one man and one woman. For the first time at a weekend meeting in Detroit, the party voted to add the issues to the party’s platform. A platform is a statement of the party’s priorities on the economy, social issues and national defense.” We would do well to remember this when we vote in November. Click here for original article.

The arithmetic of gay marriage

The marriage debate will come to the Supreme Court sooner rather than later. This case should interest everyone supporting traditional marriage as the implications could affect all of us and our current state laws on marriage. On behalf of Prop 8 supporters a petition has come to the Supreme Court asking the court to hear the case. A recent article states:  “The petition filed by ProtectMarriage — its sponsor is a state non-profit, California Renewal — argues the appeals court misinterpreted Supreme Court precedent. It also spends a good deal of its pages arguing that the state has a compelling interest in limiting marriage to a woman and a man. ‘The unique procreative potential of sexual relationships between men and women implicates vital social interests…On the one hand, procreation is necessary to the survival and perpetuation of society and, indeed, the human race; accordingly, the responsible creation, nurture, and socialization of the next generation is a vital — indeed existential — social good.’” Indeed protecting marriage as God defined it is in society’s best interest. Click here for original article.

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