Engaging Weekend: Graphic Abortion Picture Helps in China, 100 Cities Rally Against ObamaCare, Obama Marriage Position Opposed by Most Americans

engaging weekend

by Nathan A. Cherry, 09/17/2012

Engaging Weekend is a collection of articles you might have missed over the weekend. But we thought they were important and wanted to make sure you had a chance to read them.

More Than 100 Cities Will Rally Against Obama HHS Mandate

Thousands of Americans will take to the streets to show their opposition to Obama’s HHS mandate demanding they help pay for abortions, contraception, abortifacients, and sterilizations in their insurance premiums. The Stand Up For Religious Freedom Rallies are already planned in more than 100 cities nationwide. A recent article shares details of the upcoming events: “With the October 20 Stand Up for Religious Freedom Rally still more than five weeks away, the list of Rally cities taking part just reached 105! All over the country, Americans are standing up and demanding that their government respect their right to religious freedom. This is the third Stand Up Rally co-sponsored by the Pro-Life Action League, Citizens for a Pro-Life Society and a coalition of other pro-life and pro-freedom groups committed to protecting our rights to religious freedom in the face of the unprecedented threat to them coming from our government today. Check out the Rally Locations Page to see all the cities taking part and find a Rally near you.” Click here for original article.

Did this graphic abortion picture take down China’s forced abortion policy? Warning: Graphic Image

Can a picture really make a difference and change policy in a communist country like China? Apparently that may be exactly what has happened. LifeSiteNews.com reports:  “As the global pro-life community holds its breath in the wake of breaking news that China’s Population and Family Planning Commission has, according to Lillian Kwon of the Christian Post, ‘issued an order to ban the use of forced abortion when enforcing its one-child policy,’ this appears increasingly likely…The spokesperson for the pro-life group ‘All Girls Allowed,’ Kat Lewis, credits this picture with bringing international attention to the atrocities perpetrated by Chinese officials on pregnant women and their pre-born children, which in turn placed ‘immense pressure’ on the Chinese government.” China’s cruel one child policy and the countless forced abortions resulting from the policy are a matter of international outrage. We pray that recent reports of the end of f0rced abortions are true. Click here for original article.


A pastor in Florida is concerned with President Obama’s position on marriage because, as he says, it goes against the wishes of most Americans. A recent article quotes Rev. William Owens Jr.: “The trajectory of Obama’s ideology has finally arrived at its dark destination … a godless America, a family-less America and an unAmerican America…Since Obama has taken the White House, he has been effective in his quest to fundamentally change the course of America. He realizes this is not possible unless he removes the fundamentals of America: God, family and country, even if it means going against the wishes of most Americans, which he has done with disdain and contempt.” Owens is organizing a rally in support of marriage designed to communicate a message to Obama that Americans, by a super majority, still support traditional marriage. Click here for original article.


A very hot button issue right now is freedom of speech and religion and how they relate to violent events taking place in the Middle East. Some have called for blasphemy laws to be written in order to protect the feeble sentiments of Muslims that would do violence over any hint of disrespect to their religion. But is this a good idea? Do we negotiate with terrorists now? A very interesting article on this topic says: “The proper business of the American executive does not involve deciding what free speech is offensive and denouncing it.  We have obscenity laws, but they are laws, written by American legislators and adjudicated in American courts.  We don’t suddenly decide something is obscene because a foreign mob says so.  We shouldn’t be declaring anything ‘blasphemous’ on that basis, either.” The right to free speech means someone will be offended. But it doesn’t mean speech should be restricted, it means, more properly, people need to grow up. Click here for original article.

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