Kids Need Parental Consent for Tattoos – But Not Contraception or Sterilization!?

The headline is only funny in a very mixed up world where right is wrong and wrong is right. To any person of values with a desire to raise their kids with those same values, the idea that a minor child cannot get a tattoo without parental consent but can get contraception of various kinds or even sterilized without their parent knowing is beyond absurd. It stretches the limits of rational thinking. And yet, through Obamacare, among other misguided laws, this distorted reality that tramples parental rights is precisely the world we find ourselves in today. According to a recent article, Obamacare “‘tramples parental rights’ because it requires them to ‘pay for and sponsor coverage of abortifacients, sterilization, contraception and education in favor of the same for their own children…Obamacare will allow children to make the radical choice of sterilization at an age when most can’t make up their mind as to what to wear to school the next day.” This is yet another example of inserting the government where parents ought to be the primary educators and overseers. Not to mention it further promotes, at taxpayer expense, the killing of innocent children through abortion. Click here for original article.

About Nathan Cherry

Nathan Cherry is the chief editor and blogger for the Engage Family Minute blog, the official blog of the FPCWV. He serves also as the Regional Development Coordinator as a liaison to the pastor's of West Virginia. He is a pro-life, pro-traditional marriage, pro-religious freedom conservative. He is also a husband, father, pastor, author, musician, and follower of Jesus Christ.

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