Engaging Weekend: The 20 Biggest Issues in 2012 Election, ObamaCare Heading Back to Supreme Court, Candidates and Their Religious Freedom Scorecard

Engaging Weekend

Engaging Weekend is a collection of articles you might have missed over the weekend. But we thought they were important and wanted to make sure you had a chance to read them.


I believe this election could be the most critical my generation has ever known. What is at stake is no less than the foundation and direction of our country. This article explores the top 20 most critical issues at stake in the election and where the candidates stand on each issue. At the very top of the list is abortion, and the difference could not be more contrasting as pro-life challenger Mitt Romney seeks to defeat the most pro-abortion president in our nation’s history. I can think of no issue more critical to the ultimate direction of our country than this, and it is imperative that we defend life for the most vulnerable among us. Other issues listed here are critical biblical moral issues, some are not, but combined they paint a picture of where our country is headed. Click here for original article.


It seems the much debated and disliked ObamaCare bill could be headed back to the Supreme Court as the Liberty Counsel has filed a lawsuit against the bill on behalf of Liberty University. Citing the provisions tucked deep within the bill that forced every person to fund abortion, Liberty Counsel Chairman Matt Staver rejects claims that there is no funding of abortion. Staver said: “It funds it in two ways. First all, for the individual, for the first time in history, it requires each individual to pay a particular fee and that goes directly into an abortion fund and that fund funds abortion. This fee doesn’t go into a general fund, some of which funds other surgeries or medical treatment, some of which might fund abortion. No, this goes into a specific fund that funds abortion. (It’s the) very first time in history you can trace the dollar to the actual abortion.” Click here for original article.


Voter guides continue to be released in an effort to help people determine which candidate shares the values they adhere to. As these voter guides are released, religious freedom is one issue that has taken a very prominent place in the election discussion. President Obama is not well viewed in terms of his positions and policies as they relate to religious freedom. And this new scorecard released by The Catholic Association is no less flattering in its review. The Catholic Association, according to a recent article, is: “an organization that encourages the faithful ‘to apply Catholic teaching, wisdom, and principles to the issues of the day,’ has released a new religious liberty voter guide. The document, which highlights seven key issues that are important to people of faith, also gives an overall grade to both President Barack Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney.” Click here for original article.


The Obama administration has worked tirelessly to advance a radical abortion agenda in partnership with Planned Parenthood. May parents are unaware that Planned Parenthood has been given access to their kids in the public schools. One county is fighting back with a website aimed at spreading opposition to the indoctrination of our kids towards a liberal, immoral view of sexuality that ends in abortion. A recent article states: “Planned Parenthood gained access to our children by claiming to be interested in reducing teen pregnancy. Yet Planned Parenthood promotes teen sex and promiscuity, which is the direct cause of teen pregnancy. They are not in the business of ‘women’s health’ as they claim. They are in the business of sex, pure and simple. They have even published a ‘Young People’s Guide to Sexual Rights’ which states on page 14 that ‘All young people are entitled to sexual well-being and pleasure,’…In other words, they don’t believe that parents should have any say, or that your church has the right to teach that children shouldn’t have sex. Rather, Planned Parenthood promotes violating parental rights to raise children according to the values of parents. They are now in our schools.” Where does West Virginia stand? What exactly is being taught to our kids in the public schools? Click here for original article.

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