Alabama Case Brings Overturning Roe One Step Closer

personhoodHope Ankrom of Coffee County and Amanda Kimbrough of Colbert County,Alabama, were defendants in a criminal trial recently which alleged that they violated a state law concerning the endangerment of children.

What is most notable about these charges is that they were made under a statute that was intended to protect children from those who operate methamphetamine labs in their presence.  However, there was no methamphetamine lab, nor any kids running around in the presence of chemicals and explosion hazards that would otherwise be present in such a situation.  Their children had not even been born yet!

Yes, the authorities in two jurisdictions in the State of Alabama have succeeded in prosecuting two women who took drugs during their pregnancies and thereby caused harm to their unborn children.  The Alabama Supreme Court has upheld those convictions.

The uninitiated might not see the value in such a precedent, but those of us who wage the war of words over the scourge of legalized abortion pick up on the fact that having a judge rule that such a case could even reach the trial stage is monumental for the cause of life for the unborn.  Bob Unruh, reporting for, puts it this way:

“While the decision itself is unrelated to abortion, in a court where at least one justice has advocated overturning Roe v. Wade the decision today in Ankrom v. State undoubtedly will be referenced again.”

His viewpoint is certainly the hope of all who oppose abortion in any form.  Because we now have legal precedent that children are children prior to birth it is highly probable that ensuing cases could take us the short distance required to reach the point where life is declared to begin at conception rather than some arbitrary date between that point and birth.

Once there is legal foundation for the fact that life begins at conception, then the entire foundation for the ruling in Roe v. Wade becomes null and void.  It could no longer stand.  It is this kind of decision that those who support the killing of unborn children fear the most because if these decisions are made, their case for a “right” to abortion on demand are at the brink of extinction.  Their arguments could not stand, nor can the rulings that made abortion legal be sustained any longer.

Unruh goes on to suggest:

“…it was the original Roe v. Wade decision that legalized abortion throughout the United States that noted should the personhood of the unborn be established, abortion advocacy would disintegrate, since the unborn then would be qualified for all the protections offered by the U.S. Constitution.” (emphasis added)

While it would appear that this small battle may be won – the law in question inAlabamahad nothing to do with abortion or the Roe decision – it certainly is cause for hope.

At the same timeAlabamais taking a lead role in laying the foundations of success for life at conception, it has voted to place Judge Roy Moore in the position of Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court.  Judge Moore, you may recall, has been quite vocal concerning the need for acknowledgment of God’s principles – particularly the Ten Commandments – in our civil as well as spiritual life.  He acknowledges also that he has received wide and strong criticism for his public positions regarding God’s place in our society, he remains committed to

“…[being] responsible for acknowledging that God is the sources of human rights.”

According to Unruh, Judge Moore correctly concludes that government primary function is to secure the rights that God gives to every human being including those of the unborn.

So…the battle for the life of every unborn child who is ever at risk of death from abortion is far from over, I am afraid, but these little victories in this 40 year battle against Roe v. Wade, like this one in Alabama, give us pause to commit to a renewal of effort in the war that will only be won with the wholehearted efforts of every soldier in God’s army and every individual who cherishes all life from that magical moment of conception.  There can never be one doubt as to the need for and the justness of our mission.  With the help of jurists like Justices Parker and Moore we can count on more victories in the future and that is worth celebrating.



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