Engaging Weekend: Police Chaplain Forced to Resign for Personal Marriage Belief, ObamaCare Getting Beaten in Court, Students Upset Over Special Treatment of Transgender Student


Engaging Weekend is a collection of articles you might have missed over the weekend. But we thought they were important and wanted to make sure you had a chance to read them.

Police Chaplain Forced to Step Down After Expressing Views on Same-Sex Marriage

What happens when marriage is redefined? The lesson we can learn from our neighbors across the pond is that every citizen will be forced to affirm the new definition or face punishment. This includes statements made on personal websites. The case of a police chaplain is a prime example of this inevitable outcome. A recent article explains: “A Christian police chaplain has been forced out of his position after expressing his views on the Government’s proposals to introduce same-sex ‘marriages’ on his personal website…Despite making the comments on his personal blog, he was told by a senior officer that his remarks were representative of the force’s views on the issue and violated its ‘equality and diversity policy’. He was forced to step down after being told the he would need to comply with the policy in order to continue in his role as a force chaplain.” This is why “conscience protections” don’t work and amount to little more than a wolf in sheep’s clothing. They are designed to woo unsuspecting conservatives into agreeing to cave on their definition of marriage only long enough to spring a trap that ends with punishment for refusing to affirm the new definition. Cases like this are already happening in the U.S. and we can only expect more if statues like DOMA are eliminated. Click here for original article.

Religious Freedom Outscores Obamacare 12-4 in Court

Just in case you are wondering how the HHS mandate is doing in court, the answer is: terrible. So far 75% of all lawsuits against the mandate have resulted in victory for those claiming infringement on their religious freedom. You would think the Obama administration would take a hint and revise the mandate in a way that truly protects religious freedom, but of course, you would be wrong. The latest victory was recently reported: “A Missouri-based plumbing products manufacturer is the latest company to win a court order against the Obama administration’s abortion pill mandate, bringing the total number of court rulings against the mandate to 12 compared to four in its favor. Alliance Defending Freedom attorneys and allied attorneys represent Sioux Chief Manufacturing Co. in a federal lawsuit filed last month to challenge the mandate, which forces employers—regardless of their religious or moral convictions—to provide insurance coverage for abortion-inducing drugs, sterilization and contraception under threat of heavy penalties.“ Common sense says that people should not have to violate their religious freedoms in order to conduct business in the public sector. Just as private businesses are free to turn customers away for various reasons (think “no shirt, no shoes, no service”) they are also free to do business based on their religious convictions. This administration is learning just how entrenched that belief is in the Constitution and will hopefully revise the awful mandate. Click here for original article.

Students protest over transgender student’s ‘special treatment’

A recent report from Mississippi is the logical end of the effort to include “gender identity” into school anti-bullying laws. A student at the school, a male, says he is now transitioning to a female and has begun wearing female clothing. Students at the school say that isn’t fair because he is still a male and is being allowed to break the rules to dress like a female. The article states: “Students are protesting Wednesday because they feel they are now being discriminated against because the transgender student is breaking the school’s dress code and they are being punished for doing the same thing.” The problem here is that the students recognize the double standard and lack of common sense. If there is a dress code, it must apply to everyone equally. But elevating the “rights” of homosexuals and transgender people above everyone else will always result in unfair treatment. While the school would never admit it, the students have already said the obvious – they are being discriminated against. This is a clear illustration of why we at the FPCWV opposed the inclusion of “gender identity” into recent anti-bullying laws. Click here for original article.

Ohio court spars on science teacher’s creationist lessons

CBSNews.com reports: “State Supreme Court justices sparred with lawyers on Wednesday in a heated hour of arguments over the extent to which a now-fired public school science teacher had the right to push his religious beliefs in class. A lawyer for the school board that dismissed John Freshwater in 2011 said he waved a Bible at his students, handed out religious pamphlets and espoused creationism in his evolution lessons. Freshwater violated the constitutional separation between church and state and was rightfully fired, said David Smith, an attorney for the Mount Vernon School Board.” The problems here are 1. Evolution is a theory – an unproven idea – and no more right being taught than anything other theory of existence such as Creation. So if it’s appropriate to teach one theory, it should be just as appropriate to teach another; and 2. There is no “constitutional separation between church and state.” The much ballyhooed idea that a “separation clause” exists in our founding documents is false. Read the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, or the Bill of Rights and you won’t find it. Therefore this man has every right to teach a well -rounded science class which explores all possible theories for existence. Click here for original article.

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