The Engaging Essentials

David French vs. the SPLC and Gungans – With a lovely tongue and check retort to the Southern Poverty Law Center’s naming of several pro-marriage, pro-family organizations as equivalent to the KKK, David French admits his animus against the Gungan race.

Troops Care About Religious Liberty – Daniel Blomberg does a fine job of cataloging several of the anonymous comments from active duty soldiers concerning religious liberty.  Here’s just one:

“Forcing chaplains to deny their faith in order to serve in the Armed Forces is a grave threat to the First Amendment and to the spiritual health of Marines, Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen who depend on them. If the military is forced to promote homosexual behavior, for the first time in American history there will be open conflict between the virtues taught by chaplains and the moral message delivered by the military.”(female)

DADT: Time for Cautious Judgment – Chuck Donovan does a very fine job of evaluating the Pentagon report on homosexual behavior in the military and why the Senate needs to slow down as it approaches this issue.

The Retreat from Marriage – Ok, if Al Mohler writes it, you should read it.  Period.  This piece moreso.  I listened to the interview of Mohler and Brad Wilcox last week that serves as the foundation for this article.  Both are worthy of your attention- ESPECIALLY if you are an economic conservative that does not care to involve oneself with icky social issues.

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