Open Letter to Komen from Dr. Gerard Nadal

by Nathan A. Cherry, 02/06/2012

Komen Pink RibbonMartinsburg, WV – It’s not often I post an open letter for our readers. But this one is both informative and speaks to the issues taking place with Susan G. Komen and their recent decision to defund Planned Parenthood. I have talked with a number of people that are confused or have been misinformed about the decision and are not sure exactly what is taking place. This letter I believe helps to clarify the situation and speak truth to the legitimacy of why it was necessary to defund Planned Parenthood.

Take a few moments to read Dr. Nadal’s letter – especially the last two paragraphs. Dr. Nadal is one of America’s most prolific pro-life writers. His blog is widely respected for integrating science with the pro-life movement to show how life begins at conception and should be defended from that time to natural death. You will no doubt be blessed by this article, encouraged by Komen’s decision, and equipped to discuss intelligently on the topic should it arise in your day.

An Open Letter to Susan G. Komen Founder, Nancy Brinker
by Gerard Nadal, Ph.D.

Dear Ms. Brinker,

As one who has been at odds with SGK over your organization’s funding of Planned Parenthood, I write today to offer you my heartfelt gratitude and congratulations for the principled and prudential position that you have taken in defunding Planned Parenthood.

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