Morality and Marriage Equal Economic Prosperity

family povertyMuch has been written here and in other venues regarding the deplorable state of the traditional family.  No, I’m not saying that all traditional families are in deplorable shape.  What I am addressing is the lower and lower percentage of children being born into traditional families in America.

There are a lot of different moral arguments that can be made for why this is happening.  Things like the general breakdown of morality, the promotion of sex in every possible form and the promiscuity that it has bred, and the blatant encouragement of our youth to “explore” their sexuality far earlier than is advisable. Not to mention the decimation of the necessary underpinning of the marriage relationship that keeps sex within its boundaries where it is safe, loving, and natural as an expression of love for one’s spouse.

But let’s suppose – for a moment – that we are speaking with someone who chooses to “blow off” all of these extremely important aspects to the problem.  How do we demonstrate the evils of out-of-wedlock childbirth?

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Is Our Society Dying From Economic Influences or Moral Influences?

By Tom Stark, 04/25/2012

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This might be what is needed to secure America's future.

One of the fundamental methods that the secular humanists and progressives have used to influence society through the teaching of history and indoctrination of our youth through government schools and liberal colleges is the revision of America’s history into purely economic terms.  In this way, the left is able to paint a far different picture of the USA as a “money-grubbing,” avaricious, greedy, “back-stabbing” organism rather than a self-sufficient, freedom-loving, capitalistic, free-market country full of self-sufficient, free and independent people.

But beginning around 1910, the effort was expanded.   The pace of change was agonizingly slow.  Something had to happen to speed it up.  The assault on the economy moved to high gear with the Wilson Administration, and that is what gets most of the news and place in history because it fits the liberal’s more public purposes.  However, the 1960s were the catalyst for a less obvious assault on faith to move into high gear.  Two world wars and a depression (where faith was all many people had to hold on to) got in the way of any earlier push.

Daniel Greenfield, writing for Front Page Magazine  and discussing Charles Murphy’s book “Coming Apart, The State of White America, 1960 – 2010,” zeroes in on this latter branch of their two-pronged attack on American values.  Murphy’s premise is that the economic factors and strata of society were not caused by class warfare or economic factors exclusively.  He believes that if they had some influence it was in allowing the deterioration of spiritual, Christian faith and support systems to impact the less fortunate to a greater degree – far greater than was experienced by the higher income families.

Murphy believes that the difference in the rate of marriage among upper-middle-class households (83%) versus the working class at about 48% shows the profound impact secularism had on the cohesiveness and the stability of families and society in general.   According to Murphy, a marriage rate was a strong indicator of a deterioration of “founding beliefs” that were the basis for the success of our country and our society.

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