Engaging Weekend: Kirk Cameron Bashed, Jerry Sandusky and Homosexuals, Religious Freedom and a Government Shut Down

 by Nathan A. Cherry, 08/06/2012

Engaging Weekend is a collection of articles you might have missed over the weekend. But we think they are worth taking a look at to stay informed.

Cameron Still Facing Backlash for Marriage Views

Long before Chick-Fil-A joined the marriage debate with their support of traditional marriage, actor Kirk Cameron was being attacked for his Christian view. CBN News reports: “Cameron has been under fire from homosexual rights groups since March when he told CNN’s Piers Morgan that he believes homosexuality is ‘unnatural’ and ‘detrimental.’” Of course Cameron is only quoting from Romans chapter 1 when he says homosexuality is unnatural, just like the Apostle Paul said in this powerful passage. In other words, Kirk Cameron is stating his belief in what the Bible says according to his faith and is being attacked for it. Does that sound like free speech and religious freedom to you? Click here for original article.

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