Street Preaching, Cross-dressing, and Internet Porn: Where the Gospel and Public Policy Meet

Three interesting and oddly related stories that we’re reading today:

Women are the fastest growing segment of porn addiction. (Photo Steve Herbert of the NYT)

“Church Counsels Women Addicted to Pornography” – The New York Times on Sunday covers the work of a church ministry to addicts of pornography.  What’s the hook for the story?  That women – not men – can be addicted to pornography as well.  And, like men, they can be set free from this addiction, counter to what the culture will tell you.

From this, we see how pervasive the culture of pornography is.  But we also learn that churches – not government programs – are working diligently to quell the tide of this family malignancy.

Here is an opportunity for Church and State partnership.  Churches are doing well at addiction counseling, but need the state to enforce the laws that will limit or eliminate the prevalent source of addiction.

Crossdressing Derreck Lutz (photo courtesy

“Cross-Dressing Teen Sparks Prom Debate in NJ” – So, we get it every year around prom time.  The LGBTQ community continues to enlist children to advance their anti-family agenda of hyper-tolerance.  This year is no exception.

In New Jersey, a young man, who professes to be a cross-dresser, was told his dress was too short for the prom.  And yet, skirt length is not the issue for aspiring fashion designer, Derrek Lutz:

“What makes me a woman is inside and it doesn’t really matter what’s on the outside. And everyone should really just be treated equally,” Lutz said.

Mr. Lutz, everyone is treated equally.  What is “on the outside” matters a great deal, especially when it comes to raising a family.  Your gender-bending demand for tolerance rings hollow in a world that desperately needs Dads to be men to their children and Moms to be women to their children.

Street Preacher Dale McAlpine. (Photo courtesy Christian Institute)

“Christian Preacher Arrested for Saying Homosexuality is a Sin” -  Finally, from the “looking into the future of America” file, a story out of Great Britain of a street preacher who was arrested for telling a passer-by that homosexual behavior was a sin.  From the story:     [Read more...]

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