Defend Religious Freedom – Our Vets Did

Attacks on the religious freedom of our military service members continue to increase. Family Research Council president Tony Perkins commented: ”More and more service members are facing harassment, demotion, and formal reprimands simply for being Bible-believing Christians. They’ve been prohibited from sharing their faith, forbidden from praying publicly, and dismissed from duty for refusing to surrender their religious convictions…Defending America’s freedom shouldn’t mean surrendering theirs, especially given that the Constitution they have sworn to uphold guarantees religious liberty as all Americans’ first freedom.”

It’s deplorable that our military must now be concerned about attacks from the enemies of America as well as attacks from their own government for simply being a Christian. The military has a long, rich history of honoring the faith of its members and that tradition should be fiercely defending and protected. Americans need to step up and demand that military personnel be given the same religious freedom rights every other American now enjoys. Such has always been the case and should always be true. Click here for original article.


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Atheist “Churches” Popping Up Around the Country

In a twist of irony I’m not sure even makes sense, atheists are seeking to start churches around the country. When a movement by two atheist comedians in the U.K. caught steam, they decided to bring their form of “religion” to the U.S. and duplicate their churches of unbelief. Now, meetings are happening in many cities around the country and some atheists are left scratching their heads. One article reports the comments of an atheist on this idea:

“The idea that you’re building an entire organization based on what you don’t believe, to me, sounds like an offense against sensibility…There’s something not OK with appropriating all of this religious language, imagery and ritual for atheism.” It seems even atheists get blasted by their own for doing things that not everyone agrees with. What is so ironic about this whole scenario is that these atheist “churches” are doing many of the same things religious churches do: sing, coffee, meet and greet, offerings; and yet they are doing from a position of non-belief.

I feel sorry for these people. They are seeking to belong to a community and engage in practices that will empower and validate them as people. Yet they never realize that their church will at some point become a hollow waste of time because it begins and ends with man, rather than placing Christ at the center. Click here for original article.



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Gay Rights Threatening Business Rights

Remember the old sign on the door of a business: “No Shoes, No Shirt, No Service”? I wonder how long before someone declares that such a sign violates his constitutional rights. That is exactly what is happening to businesses across America. Private business owners are being sued for refusing to violate their religious convictions and lend services to homosexual wedding ceremonies. Have you heard of any of them on the news? Do you know about Elane Photography, Masterpiece Cake Shop? These are just two of the dozens being sued for what some cal “discrimination” and what others call conviction.

A recent article states: “The concept of ‘gay rights’ has trampled religious liberty, but the network news media haven’t noticed. In fact, when Family Research Council’s Tony Perkins was on CBS in June, Bob Schieffer said he was ‘unaware’ of such cases.” How is it possible for someone in media to be unaware of such a growing trend as this? It’s called willful ignorance. That’s why we continue to publish stories about these events, in order to do the job the mainstream media is failing to do. We’re not government funded so you can be sure no one is buying our opinion. Click here for original article.


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Take Action: Tell Senate to Reject ENDA

Citizenlink: “The so-called Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) would force businesses and organizations with 15 or more employees to provide special privileges to workers based on ‘actual or perceived sexual orientation or gender identity.’ If passed into law, employers would not be able to consider the possible consequences of a man dressing as a woman, or a woman identifying as a man. The bill is expected to pass a key procedural vote this evening that requires 60 votes. That would lead to an up-or-down vote later this week.”

Already our very own Sen. Manchin has said he will support the ENDA bill. He needs to hear from us and know we don’t approve of creating a special class of citizen, limiting employers’ and employee’s freedom of religion, and the curtailing of free speech. Don’t sit back and let this opportunity to take action pass you by. Take a few moments to let Manchin and other lawmakers know just how opposed to ENDA West Virginian’s are. Click here for original article.

Tell your lawmakers to reject ENDA: Click here to take action.

Learn more about ENDA.

Read “ENDA Threatens Fundamental Civil Liberties.”

Read “Public Policy Think Tank: ENDA Bill Threatens Civil Liberties.”


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President Obama and Joe Manchin Support ENDA

ManchinOver the weekend President Obama wrote an op-ed which appeared in the Huffington Post encouraging Congress to pass the ENDA bill. ENDA stands for Employment Non-Discrimination Act. on the surface this sounds like a great bill to support. But like most things out of Washington it is filled with traps for many people. Bills like ENDA can be used to force religious employers to hire people who oppose their religious convictions. For example, a Christian school might be forced to hire a transgender teacher though said teacher’s lifestyle stands in opposition to the school doctrine.

Many lawmakers like to use ENDA as a hammer to bash religious employers over the head with discrimination charges. But it’s not discrimination to require employees to adhere to specific doctrinal positions. In fact, many churches are now writing into their Constitution and By-Laws protections against such laws which state any employees must adhere to specific church doctrines as a requirement for employment. This is not discrimination, it’s called religious freedom. But ENDA will threaten churches and religious organizations with lawsuits for simply desiring to live and do business according to their faith.

News also came out last week in which Sen. Manchin, after assuring us he would never support ENDA, has decided to vote in favor of the bill. Once again proving that he will do anything to advance his career even if it means lying to the people that elected him to office, Manchin has promised to support the bill when it comes to the Senate for a vote. Turning his back on West Virginians in favor of Washington, D.C. applause, Manchin is flip-flopping on his promise to oppose ENDA.

I think it’s time we let Sen. Manchin know what we think about his decision to flip-flop and support such a dangerous bill. You can reach Sen. Manchin at:

Washington D.C. Office: 306 Hart Senate Office Building, Washington, DC 20510 / (202) 224-3954

West Virginia Office: 300 Virginia Street, East Suite 2630, Charleston, WV 25301 / (304) 342-5855 /

You can also click here to see a listing to contact information for Sen. Manchin.



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ObamaCare Explained with a Hamburger

Some folks are having trouble understanding why ObamaCare is such a bad bill and needs to be repealed. Recently, a doctor sought to find a way to explain the bill in a way that would make sense to normal folks who don’t speak political double-speak. His analogy using a hamburger does just that. He said:

“Suppose a customer orders a $3 quarter-pounder. The clerk says, ‘Well, you’re in luck because the government has just said that you can buy it for $2.50. But, 15 percent of the population basically can’t afford the $2.50, so we need you to contribute the mandatory voluntary contribution’ of $1.00. It’s really popular with the 15 percent group, and so we don’t have as many. So we’re losing money, so we’ve had to decrease the value to an eighth-pounder, from a quarter-pounder, and by the way, you can only have two even though you wanted four, and you can pick it up in three or four days,’”

Did you notice the use of terms such as “mandatory voluntary”? ObamaCare is doing what the Constitution strictly forbids, forcing people to buy a product. In addition to this very well worded example, ObamaCare will force millions of Americans to violate their conscience and religious convictions by funding abortion. So we have a bill that violates the Constitution in at least two ways. That’s why we’re upset and opposing it. Click here for original article.


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The Army Identifies Terror Threats: Christians, Pro-Lifers and Tea Party Groups

soldier prayingAre you a Christian? Pro-life? Are you part of a Tea Party group? The Army wants you to know that it now considered YOU a terror threat that is “tearing this nation apart.”

In a recent pre-deployment meeting at Fort Hood, a group of soldiers listened for nearly a half hour as an instructor informed them that Christians and Tea Party members were a terror threat to the nation. They were then told that anyone supporting or donating to these groups would be disciplined under the military uniform code of justice.

This outrageous occurrence comes just a couple of weeks after another group at Camp Shelby was told that the American Family Association should be labeled a “hate group.” The Army, after a public backlash backed down and said they made a mistake in labeling the AFA a “hate group” and apologized.

Fox News’ Todd Starnes first reported the incident and spoke of what the unidentified soldier told him:

“The soldier told me he fears reprisals and asked not to be identified. He said there was a blanket statement that donating to any groups that were considered a threat to the military and government was punishable under military regulations. ‘My first concern was if I was going to be in trouble going to church,’ the evangelical Christian soldier told me. ‘Can I tithe? Can I donate to Christian charities? What if I donate to a politician who is a part of the Tea Party movement?’” [Read more...]


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ENDA: A Lousy Bill for Religious Freedom

ENDA billIf you are a Christian and a small business owner, brace yourself.  Another wave in the endless attacks on your right to operate your business based on your personal faith and belief-system.  A year or two ago, a bill was introduced in Congress that would require employers to treat homosexuals, so-called transgender, gender-confused, and other deviant life-style-professing applicants for employment just like any other applicant who walks in off the street.

The fact that someone happens to be biologically male but walks into your establishment for his interview in a dress, high-heels, and a necklace must not be taken into consideration in the hiring or subsequent employment decisions regarding that person.  This bill was dubbed the “Employment Non-Discrimination Act” (ENDA).

Well, that time the bill was beaten back and defeated, but like a bad penny, it’s back.  Senator Harry Reid has vowed to introduce the bill in the Senate again before the end of the year in hopes of getting it rammed through this time. (Read more about it here).  There is also confirmation of the detrimental effects of this bill on personal liberty here.

Unfortunately, I believe that this bill will be far less likely to be defeated through a legal challenge than the abortion drug mandate will be.  Those who support the ENDA want people to believe that such “lifestyle” choices are not really choices and therefore the person living that way has no choice.  And since he/she has no choice, then they should not be denied employment simply because they live differently than others.  Sounds almost believable as an argument in favor of the bill, right? [Read more...]

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Don’t Fix the Website – Repeal ObamaCare “Obamacare is a disaster for American families coast to coast. We don’t need a website fix. We need real healthcare reform — starting with an end to Obamacare. In her testimony to Congress this morning, Sebelius did her best to best minimize the problems, pledging to fix the website. But no amount of spin can change the nightmare just now beginning…As the country continues to debate the botched rollout, I have included 5 simple reasons to share with your family and friends why Obamacare is bad for America.”

1) Taxpayer-funded child killing

2) Assault on religious liberty

3) An end to privacy

4) Slow road to single-payer, socialized medicine

5) Millions losing their current coverage. Lower quality care, fewer doctors, rationing of care

Click here to read the original article and to see the expanded explanation of each of these common sense arguments against ObamaCare. The pressure is one many vulnerable lawmakers seeking re-election. We must continue to hold them accountable for this nightmare and for the fact that they exempted themselves from it. If ObamaCare is so good, why are lawmakers exempt?


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Senate ENDA Vote Looming

The Senate is said to be considering a vote on a looming ENDA bill aimed at making LGBT people a protected class under the law. Such bills only serve to pave the way for lawsuits against Christians and people with religious convictions against homosexuality. It is these bills that allow cases like the one in New Mexico where a photographer was sued for not rendering her services to a gay couple, and in Washington where a florist was sued for the same, and in Colorado where a baker was sued for the same. And yet LGBT advocate any protection for religious convictions. An article states:

“…gay activists are objecting to a religious exemption in the ENDA bill…The groups leaders praised the Senate’s progress toward a vote but said, ‘The bill continues to excuse religious bigotry as acceptable under the law. We’ve seen this insistence on religious exemptions and conscience clauses play out before. Religious bigotry will continue to trump LGBT equality.’” Evidently LGBT bigotry trumping religious convictions is acceptable, whereas religious convictions are not worth protecting. This once again shows that conscience clauses in these bills are nothing more than smoke and mirrors to get votes before they are eventually removed. LGBT groups have no intention of protecting the religious convictions of anyone, they would gladly force every Christian to violate their convictions if it would mean a victory for them. Click here for original article.

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