No Room for Pro Lifers in the Girl Scouts

by Nathan A. Cherry, 01/26/2012

Renise Rodriguez

Former Girl Scout volunteer Renise Rodriguez proudly wears her pro-life shirt.

Martinsburg, WV – I’ve been criticized for articles like this one, linking the Girl Scouts and the Planned Parenthood abortion business. Well intentioned people have tried to convince me there is no such link and that I am simply misplacing my disdain for abortion onto a “very well respected organization.”


Trying to deny the concrete relationship between the Girls Scouts and Planned Parenthood is like trying to nail jello to the wall; futile. There is absolutely no doubt that a partnership between the two organizations exists and that the Girl Scouts are now advocating for abortion. Brochures with the Planned Parenthood and Girl Scouts logos are being distributed, their annual convention features pro-abortion speakers, and even the former Planned Parenthood CEO admits that a partnership exists. So denying it just makes someone look naïve or under-informed.

Here’s another example of the Girls Scouts advocating for abortion while suppressing the message of life. Recently a 21 year old pro-life volunteer went to her local Girl Scout office where she regularly serves as a Girl Experience Associate. She was wearing a pro-life t-shirt as she went in to prepare for a meeting. It would be her last day as a volunteer.

Renise Rodriguez never imagined that she would be told by a supervisor that in order to stay in the office or take part in any troop activities she would have to turn her t-shirt inside out. Stunned, she did what many in her situation would do; she complied and compromised her beliefs.

Oh wait, Renise did what many in her situation wish they would have done – she quit in order to stand up for her belief that life is sacred. Renise recounts her experience:

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