Al Mohler: Is Social Justice Forbidden Territory?

Al Mohler recently offered commentary against Glen Beck’s hyper call for men and women to leave their church if they hear the words, “social justice” anywhere therein.  Within his comments, Mohler makes an excellent case for why we are to be faithful in both the presentation of the gospel and its societal (or social) implications.

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The church is not to adopt a social reform platform as its message, but the faithful church, wherever it is found, is itself a social reform movement precisely because it is populated by redeemed sinners who are called to faithfulness in following Christ. The Gospel is not a message of social salvation, but it does have social implications.

Faithful Christians can debate the proper and most effective means of organizing the political structure and the economic markets. Bringing all these things into submission to Christ is no easy task, and the Gospel must not be tied to any political system, regime, or platform. Justice is our concern because it is Gods concern, but it is no easy task to know how best to seek justice in this fallen world.

And that brings us to the fact that the Bible is absolutely clear that injustice will not exist forever. There is a perfect social order coming, but it is not of this world. The coming of the Kingdom of Christ in its fullness spells the end of injustice and every cause and consequence of human sin. We have much work to do in this world, but true justice will be achieved only by the consummation of Gods purposes and the perfection of Gods own judgment.

Until then, the church must preach the Gospel, and Christians must live out its implications. We must resist and reject every false gospel and tell sinners of salvation in Christ. And, knowing that Gods judgment is coming, we must strive to be on the right side of justice.

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