The Best Tourist Attractions In West Virginia

West Virginia is more like the land of adventure because it has a number of attractions that are worth your time. The east coast’s biggest attractions tend to take you by surprise, and you will fall in love with all that it has to provide. So if you’re planning on exploring West Virginia, then here’s a list of places that need to be on your radar.

New River Gorge National River

Popularly known as one of the oldest rivers on the continent, the New River flows into West Virginia and cuts through the Appalachian Plateau. Thanks to that, one gets to take part in plenty of whitewater for rafting, canoeing, and also tubing. With these recreational activities, the adventure is bound to get started, and you can also get an opportunity to take it further with rock climbing, hunting, ziplining, hiking, and so on.

Seneca Rocks and Monongahela National Forest

The Monongahela National Forest offers a scenic dive into nature with beautiful views and other related aspects. By supporting more than 225 bird species, 70 fish species, and 75 species of trees, the diversity of this forest tends to go a long way. Coming on board to spend some casual time at this place is quite impressive, and you will be thrilled by the divine experience that comes into the picture.


Harpers Ferry

Images from Harpers Ferry are the ones that go viral as the scenic beauty of the place brings forward a whole new definition. From museums to hiking trails, the Harpers Ferry National Historical Park has a lot to offer, and people can make the most of it. Exploring the ferry helps you get used to a different experience that is quite close to the ideal aspect of the adventure. To make matters all the more interesting, the Appalachian Trail Visitors Center is also in this place.

Blackwater Falls State Park

Blackwater Falls drops about 60 feet over a sandstone ledge, and with viewing platforms around the place, you can truly experience the feeling of nature. The state park is an accessible one, and you will not come across any problems in this regard. In case you can want to take things further, then viewing the Blackwater Canyon from Lindy Point is another adventure that you need to experience.



A well-known resort, Snowshoe, begins the journey with skiing, and you have about three separate areas to choose from. With about 38 trails and other such aspects, the journey moves ahead to cover all levels of experience and provides an ending worth venturing into. Due to that, Snowshoe is another place on the list, and you need to go ahead and look into all that they have to offer.

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